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ASK for Rosaries

Andrea S. Koziol for Rosaries (ASK for Rosaries) is a small, home-based business owned by Andrea, a third-generation military wife. Andrea made many bead rosaries for friends and family before deciding to start this business after many friends and family suggested it. Her designs come from the color combinations found in nature, and the rosaries are made with precious and semi-precious stone beads, other colorful stone beads, glass and crystal beads, pearls, shell beads, and wooden beads. The Rosary bracelet beads used by Andrea are unique and one-of-a-kind.
Most of the rosary beads used by Andrea are unique because she uses natural materials whenever possible, meaning they are each an individual made by Mother Nature.
At ASK for Rosaries, customers can also purchase children’s rosaries, Sterling silver Rosaries, Wire-wrapped rosaries, and Rosary pouches.

Stronger, Longer-Lasting Rosaries

A Rosary for strength!

All of the rosaries are created by stringing the beads onto stainless steel wire with metal connectors for durability. The beads are carefully chosen for longevity as well. Even the pearls will handle daily use for many years (the oils on your fingers will keep them “healthy”). Traditional chain rosaries can use rosary jump rings for connection points because they are lighter in weight. Most ASK rosaries are heavier and more substantial; therefore, rosary jump rings are not used because they will not withstand the wear and tear of daily handling. And you deserve to enjoy your rosary for many years to come. Rosaries can also be given as religious gifts for her.
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